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Your job reflects who you are. If you feel disconnected from yourself because of confusion, stress, resentment or overwork, the work itself and people's response to it  suffers. We can help you with almost any inner problem you’re having in relation to your job or business. We are experts in helping you change your success self-image. Developing a positive but realistic outlook that allows you to engage fully and authentically in your work (paid or unpaid) is the key to real happiness as well as success. As the exclusive-to-us brain retraining visualizations we specialise in are effective for any problem, we can also show you how to use them any personal issue too.
How Fiona McDougall Can Help You
If you need quick guidance on a personal or work issue, Fiona offers consulting by phone or Skype. Her speciality is diagnosis of the root cause of a particular problem. Her analysis will help you to get to the heart of a problem quickly with no long-term financial commitment. Fiona indicates the best and most practical path to ensure that your work or personal situation improves as smoothly as possible.

"Fiona has an amazing ability to accurately perceive the core issues involved in any given situation and to provide clarity, advice and direction on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Fiona's insight is profound and empowering, as are the tools she provides to enable clients to become resilient and self- reliant. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Fiona to anyone seeking to make decisions in their life based upon insightful and compassionate advice." SGH (Melbourne)

How Suzie St George Can Help Professionals: Leading from the inside out
As anyone who has worked in a successful business knows, a leader who is calm, confident and enjoying their job is automatically a powerful leader. A strong sense of direction, mental clarity, emotional resilience and an ability to follow gut instincr are the foundation stones for leadership success.  Suzie is an expert in the Personal Dynamics of Successful Leadership. As well as leading her own company as Executive Director, she has worked extensively since 2001 coaching corporate executives, entrepreneurs and business owners to align their inner attitudes with professional success and future visions. Her 6 month long packages are delivered in person, by Skype and email follow through.
Here are a few examples of how her extensive experience, practical knowledge, and clarity of thought can assist established, emerging or leaders without portfolio:
      Identifying which personal qualities are the most useful in understanding and developing a unique leadership style
      Handling specific difficult professional relationships as a leder
      Lowering chronic anxiety and stress
      Increasing the capacity for decisive and balanced action
      Discovering how to create work/life balance on the job
      Strengthening 'emotionally intellgent'  communication strategies.

“Mentoring with Suzie St George has been great for me. It's good that I can reach out for guidance during the week, whether I need nurturing support to get me through a crisis, or some clarity to help expand my creative experience and practical strategies. Suzie has a magical ability to tease out the crucial issues of the moment, and point me in the best direction. “ MC (Victoria)

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