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Suzie St George (B.A. B.Ed, Cert Somatic Integration) was once a 24/7 stressed-out high school teacher who, in the 1990s, decided to radically change her working life. She retrained as a somatic therapist and later began running workshops in creativity. Today she is Executive Director of an online personal development company and continues work as a life coach for private individuals and those personal developers who have business interests.She is an expert in the Personal Dynamics of Leadership, a special arm of personal growth work devoted to business and social leaders who are committed to changing those inner patterns of response that are counterproductive to their success.

In 1995 she met co-author, Fiona Mcdougall, and together they developed two companies - an online personal growth company Reach Potential and a publishing arm for publications, Siramarti Publishing Pty Ltd  to promote their unique method of personal growth, the Siramarti Personal Growth Process. The Process promotes self-growth through the use of neural reprogramming techniques that develop a person's whole brain capacity to approach life in a spiritually guided yet fully grounded and balanced way. You can read more about it in the Start Here menu item at www.reachpotential.com.au

Suzie has extensive experience in many kinds of workplace apart from her early experience in education; she has been employed as a corporate executive mentor, electorate secretary, festival organiser, publicist, and retail sales. She is married, has three sons, and three grandchildren. She writes children's books under the pen name Kalinda Brown. The first digital offerings can be found in the iTunes bookstore: Alice The Dog Who Dreamed for reading to kids aged 6 to 8, and The Toad Spit Hero for those aged 8 to 11. In between her teaching, coaching and writing, she enjoys travel, cooking, movies, her pets, and listening to the work of great authors via audio books. She dislikes housework and reality TV shows with a passion.

Fiona McDougall, (NZ Dip Design, NZIM Cert. NZCRS Counselling), had an early career in applied art and design. However, her passions and natural talent for healing led her in the direction of creating energetically powerful visualizations. She has qualifications in counselling, reflexology, aromatherapy, and is a member of the Institude for Complementary Therapies. Fiona is Secretary and Director of Reach Potential and Siramarti Publishing Pty Ltd.Fiona is married with two adult daughters. She loves spending time in her garden, animals of all types especially dogs, travel and reading.


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