Praise For The Good Work Book


Amanda Stanford: Primary school teacher

I began reading the book a couple of days ago, after a long time of putting it off. I am so into it! It is exactly what I need right now. I am really beginning to understand that visualizations can be very powerful.

Basil Eliades: Author, painter and teacher

I have to say that The Good Work Book is a bible. It has a presence and resonance and clarity that absolutely sing.

David Ball: Entrepreneur

This book should be part of every high school child’s education. If everyone understood how to be happy in their work what a different place the world would be. So much of who and what I am is reflected in my work. But I spent so long doing work “for the money” that was nothing to do with what gives me joy – and I wondered why I was unhappy!
For me the chapter that changed my whole outlook on my work, and indeed, my life, is Chapter 6, (and more in Chapter16), which talk about the power of your True Self. Understanding that has given me a completely different outlook on everything I do. And I am so much happier and contented for it.

Arija Deleeuw: Occupational therapist

I like that this book is really practical and gives you things to think about regarding your own situation along the way.

Melissa Cox: Office administrator

I remain in awe at how it all came together so perfectly!  After unexpectedly losing a very well paid job I approached Suzie for guidance. She asked me to write my Working Life Wish List from The Good Work Book. It wasn't easy because my mind doubted that I could have it all! It took three attempts until I got my list right.  
Once I had finalised my Working Life Wish List it was time to trust. I knew that the right job was out there because I had defined what it was that I wanted.  I went to four interviews and left knowing that these jobs weren’t right for me, but I didn’t feel disheartened.
I now have the job that I defined in my Working Life Wish List.  I work three days per week, in a new field (relevant to what I am studying), with a great team of people.  I also managed to retain a good salary and it still only takes me 30 minutes to drive to work.
When I look back I realise that losing my job was a blessing. However I strongly feel that I wouldn’t have landed so comfortably on my feet if I hadn’t implemented the Working Life Wish List and the techniques that Suzie taught me.





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